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Green Glasses
by Janice King
Janice Mirikitani Poet Laureate of San Francisco says of Green Glasses, "Janice King writes from the depth of her authenticity, and her words sing of her experience."

A woman who loves too much tells of her pleasures. Hidden regrets blossom into beauty in this new collection of King's poems.

"Great stuff...
Janice King leads us into hard places and tough scenes-her unflinching gaze records scenes of brutality, fear, betrayal, lust and love-yet she retains a curious lack of bitterness and always provides forgiveness. The opening line of a poem about poor people begins with an order "Down Hitler Heart." reminding us perhaps to look deeper into our own hearts. "
-Leonard Irving

"Janice King writes love poems. In each she takes on both the world around her and her own moment of seeing. Her love triumphs over the particulars of her situation. . . Green Glasses is an invitation to share her passions. I did and you will too."
-Don Anderson

JANICE KING, author of Green Glasses and Burdens of Bliss has honed her poetic craft since the Beat era in Berkeley and Boston in the 1950's. She has lived and worked in the Tenderloin and Civic Center area for over 20 years, drawing inspiration from the harsh and lusty life around her.