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Island Despair
by Marlow Mewborn
Exactly how much work do you owe your employer? Is it a crime to slice fresh "toes" the day before they are served? What is the moral response toward someone who's cheated your new girlfriend in a drug deal?

You don’t need to go all the way to Alaska to answer these questions, but that’s what M. Mewborn does in Island Despair.

Humor and sadness mix in this peculiar story of lower forty-eight culture creeping north to the Alaskan frontier. As he develops his own philosophy of vagabonding, Mewborn takes us on a Zen-and-the-art-of pizza-making trip. In it, he explores his mind and heart with the same extraordinary detail used to describe making pizza dough and his bittersweet affair with Doris Mae, a woman who’s heart is not so dark as her blackened, bar-smoke lungs.

Tim Sandlin, Author of Sorrow Floats and Skipped Parts, says, "Mewborn possesses a unique voice--something that can't be taught." His writing is fresh and authentic. Mewborn’s characters will remain with you long after Island Despair is put down.

"Island Despair enriched me to a place I’ll never foot. The mesh of detailed scenic description became my own." Rhett Stuart

130 pages
ISBN# 0-915117-08-8

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