Fables for an Open Field

Clifton Ross

A collection of fables and prose-poems by Berkeley writer, translator and printer Clifton Ross. Dr. David Daube, of U.C. Berkeley's Boalt Hall School of Law, says, "This marvelous collection is among the most beautiful I've read...beautifully written as well as full of great wisdom." Illustrated by the Berkeley fine artist, mother and educator, Deborah Green

Almost out of print. Remaining copies $10.95 ISBN 0-915117-07-X, 38 pages, two color uncoated cover.

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About Clifton Ross

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Clifton Ross is a free lance writer and videographer who has been reporting on Latin America for over 25 years.He has edited many anthologies including: A Dream Made of Stars: A Bilingual Anthology of Nicaraguan Poetry and Voice of Fire: Communiques and Interviews of the Zapatista National Liberation Army. He is the translator of Quetzalcoatl by Ernesto Cardenal and author of When Good Dogs Have Bad Dreams: Four American Poets.

Fables for an Open Field has just been released in Spanish by La Casa Tomada of Venezuela. His forthcoming book of poems in translation, Traduciendo el Silencio, will be published later this year by Venezuela's Ministry of Culture editorial, Perro y Rana.

In 2005 Clifton represented the U.S. along with Genny Lim in Venezuela's World Poetry Festival.

Ross currently teaches English at Berkeley City College, Berkeley, California. He can be reached at clifross@gmail.com .