Mat Callahan

Testimony, simultaneously published in Switzerland, contains the text of Callahan's work from five CDs with the Looters (Island and Monster Records) and two CDs with The Wild Bouquet (COD Records.)

The book also includes 40 full color reproductions of paintings by the Swiss artist Mariann Müller. The artwork was created in response to the Callahan's lyrics and the two media together combine to create a stunning book.

Well-known singer and songwriter Mat Callahan's lyrics could be said to be as insightful for our time as The Message by Grandmaster Flash was in the late 1970s. Across the Border, recorded when Callahan was lead singer for the Looters, has been broadcast on television, from MTV in the United States and Europe, to Cuban television in Havana.

A companion CD, also entitled Testimony, has been released by COD Music. It contains 15 songs selected from the 7 previous albums.

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About Mat Callahan

Some Information
Born 14 July 1951 in San Francisco. Mat's Mother and Grandmother were dancers. He spent his childhood dancing at their school Peters Wright Creative Dance. At 13, he took up music. Later, he got involved with the Black Panthers and other revolutionaries. Refused induction into the US Army. Worked with San Francisco Mime Troupe and co-founded the Mime Troupe sponsored band Red Rock. He began composing and performing with the duo Prairie Fire, recording several records and touring the US. Upon his return to San Francisco he formed a band called the Looters. They made several albums, toured the US, Canada, Nicaragua and Europe. He helped found the artists' collective Komotion International. Spent ten years operating art gallery, recording studio and performance space. Edited and published the magazine Komotion. Produced albums for numerous artists. Authored the book Sex, Death and the Angry Young Man. Formed group the Wild Bouquet. Made two albums. Toured US, Canada and Europe.