The Invented Camera

Jo Babcock

"Repurposing a (usually) manufactured object aligns Babcock on the one hand, with Warhol and his Brillo boxes … but, in contrast to the Pop master, Babcock reintroduces his creations to the world as a new kind of functional object - a representation that now makes representations." (from the essay by Douglas R. Nickel, director for the Center for Creative Photography)
"Resolutely low-tech but conceptually adroit, the images he produces have a raw, antique sometime "terrible" beauty." (from the introduction by Bill Berkson, poet, art critic, teacher, curator)
96 pages, color and b/w hardbound

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About Jo Babcock

Some Information
Jo Babcock was born in 1954 in St. Louis, and graduated from the San Francisco Art Institute (BFA 1976, MFA 1979). Since 1977, Babcock has experimented prodigiously with pinhole cameras and other handmade "low-tech" devices. He has created cameras out of an array of objects including suitcases, MSG cans, a guitar case, a Shinola tin, a VW bus and a classic Airstream motorhome, to produce both small and mural scale photographs. His one-of-a-kind paper negatives are distinctive for their distortion of form and color. Babcock's imagery of landscapes is transformed by his process into an eerie, painterly world of emotional dreamscapes and startling familiarity. Jo Babcock's work has been exhibited internationally, including exhibitions at the Brooklyn Museum, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Alternative Museum, the Center for the Arts at Yerba Buena Gardens, and the Sao Paulo Bienal.