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Freedom Voices members can upload images by using the little image icon and the IMC image inserter which maintains a separate directory of images for each user or by choosing attach image and browsing to the image located on the members hard drive etc.Flores Magon

the attach image just sort of loads apparently to the right of the text.See drought refugees by lange) the inserted images (See bicycle) can be positioned in side the text box. This is a trial of IMC vs. image assist. which apparently is off or uninstalled. I will check on the installation shortly.

Now i went back and turned on image assist which has some support for galleries but apparently not working right no and instead dividing them based on who uploaded the imeage, the flore magon image uploaded using image assist. WHICH REQUIRES TURNING OFF THE RICH TEXT editor at this pointl. it seems to hide behins the layout tools.

Flores Magon


Also the image assist css overides the defalt spacing by creating some other spec for the horizontal spacing of the pictures. anthoer reason to turn it off. now i tried to change the tinymce settings to put the bar at the top no result. nwither do i know where the little text hint insert image or link came from but it desn't work.

Drought refugees hoping for cotton work Blythe CA, 1936. LC 9666E
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Freedom Voices publishes works that speak to or from communities on the margins. Founded in 1989 in San Francisco’s Tenderloin District the press has grown from its origins as a community publisher to include works from around the globe.

FV works closely with the TallMountain Circle which produces, promotes and distributes Mary TallMountain’s literary works and chooses the winners of the TallMountain Award for Creative Writing and Community Service.

FV also distibutes New Earth Publications imprint such as translations of Nicaraguan Ernesto Cardenal’s Quetalcoatl , Costa Rican activist Luisa Gonzalez’s autobiography and Voice of Fire, Communiques and interviews from the Zapatista National Liberation Army.

Freedom Voices is a project of the non-profit Tenderloin Reflection and Education Center and organizes public readings and writing workshops in conjunction with the Center. Freedom Voices is also a partner in the Encounters in the Americas/Encuentros de los Americas project for popular literacy. The founding editor of Freedom Voices is B. Jesse Clarke. Editorial decisions are made by a collective of writers, activists, and street scholars.