Exercises in Freedom Writing

Jess Clarke
Who attracted you?

Describe your first impression of this person.

(sight sound smell savor sensation)

What surprised you?

What surprised you about this person—was inconsistent with your first impression or the most surprising thing about your first impression.

(clothes, personal habits, work, friendships, political view etc.)

When did you first trust/distrust this person?

Pick a key relationship moment with this person when your feelings/opinions about this person gelled/went into a conflict.

Where were you?

Describe (sight sound smell savor sensation) the place where this key moment happened.

Why did your feeling change about this person?


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About Jess Clarke

Some Information
Clarke is the founding editor of Freedom Voices Press and Project Director of Reimagine!  the publisher of Race, Poverty & the Environment a journal of social and environmental justice.

Clarke has edited many books, magzinges and journals. Under the pen name Ben Clarke they were co-editor with Roger Burbach of September 11 and the U.S. War, Beyond the Curtain of Smoke co-published by Freedom Voices and City Lights publishers 2002; editor of Image and Imagination, Encounters with the Photography of Dorothea Lange, 1997; and co-editor, with Clifton Ross of Voice of Fire, 1994, the first anthology of Zapatista communiqués and interviews published in English.

From 1998-2004, Clarke was editor of MediaFile a bi-monthly journal of media analysis and resources for activists published by San Francisco's Media Alliance.

A California Arts Council artist-in-residence 1999-2001 and a San Francisco Arts Commission lead artist on a project called Raising Our Voices, Clarke has been teaching writing, digital design and critical thinking in community settings for over a decade.