Photo List From Image and Imagination

Photographs of Dorothea Lange, Scott Braley from Freedom Voices.


Farm Security Administration Photos

War Relocation Authority Photos

Scott Braley photographs from Image and Imagination

Farm Security Administration Photographs
by Dorothea Lange from Image and Imagination: Encounters with the Photogrpahy of Dorothea Lange, Edited by Ben Clarke

Title/Caption Source Ref. Number

War Relocation Authority Photos taken by Dorothea Lange
From the book Image and Imagination: Encounters with the Photogrpahy of Dorothea Lange, Edited by Ben Clarke


Photographs by Scott Braley

From the book Image and Imagination: Encounters with the Photogrpahy of Dorothea Lange, Edited by Ben Clarke

  • Shadow, Scott and Rufus, 1990
  • Cynthia in Alameda County Jail, 1991
  • Rufus leaving his place, an abandoned hotel, 1990
  • Rufus leaving Oakland Jail, 1991
  • Rufus with judge in Oakland, 1991
  • Homeless Native woman and dog, Peoples Park, Berkeley, 1992

Photographs in the book, Image and Imagination not on-line.

Centerville, CA, May 1943 . O.M./N.A.R.A.; 82.83.7
Man Beside Wheelbarrow, San Francisco, 1934. O.M.; 67.137.34013
Walking Wounded, Oakland CA, 1954. O.M.; 80.103.343
Untitled (Child with Sarape), Southwest, ca. 1930. O.M.; 67.137.5895
Untitled (Old woman and child), Southwest, ca. 1930. O.M.; 67.137.6024
First Born, Berkeley, California, 1952. O.M.; 67.137.52113
Girls at Soquel Creek, California, ca. 1930. O.M.; 69.40.15
Hands, Maynard and Dan Dixon, ca 1930. O.M.; 67.137.5893
Untitled (Two women against wall), Southwest, ca. 1930. O.M.;67.137.6135
Untitled (Haircut), Near Winters, California, 1935. O.M.;67.137.35161
Freewheeling, Oakland, CA, 1951. O.M.; 67.137.45024
Michael Kelly has repaired shoes all his life. Ennis Ireland, 1954. O.M.; 67.137.54079
Grandaughter of a Spanish Don, born in California before it was a state, 1943. O.M.; 67.137.93220
Mexican field laborer arriving in station at Sacramento. CA. Oct. 6, 1942 . O.M.; 67.137.93069
Cemetery, Imperial Valley, CA, 1935. O.M.; 67.137.8035
Untitled (Girl on truck), San Joaquin Valley, CA, 1935 . O.M.; 67.137.35168.1
Damaged Child, Shacktown, Elm Grove, Oklahoma 1936 . O.M.; 80.103.470
Drought stricken farmers, idled in town, Sallisaw, Oklahoma, August 1936 . O.M./L.C.; 67.137.9669
Pre-trial jail cell, from the public defender series, 1955-57 . O.M.; 67.137.57104.5
Judge Fox, Oakland, CA, 1957. O.M.; 67.137.57125
Attorney interviews client, from the public defender series, Oakland, CA, 1957 . O.M.; 67.137.93140
Untitled (Public defender in court with client), from the public defender series, Oakland, CA, 1955-57. O.M.; 67.137.93145
Untitled (Client's wife, outside courtroom), from the public defender series, Oakland, CA, 1955-57 . O.M.; 67.137.93139
Untitled (Swearing in Witness), from the public defender series, Oakland, CA, 1955-57. O.M.; 67.137.93876
Untitled, (Woman by trailer)Richmond, California, 1942. O.M.; 67.137.42113.1
Ex-slave with a long memory, Alabama, 1938. O.M./L.C.; 67.137.38164
Civil ControlStation, Oakland,May 1942 . O.P.L/N.A.R.A.; 14GC-373

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