Translations from Silence

Clifton Ross
Winner of the 2010 PEN Oakland poetry book award.

with an introduction by Jack Hirschman

“Clif Ross is among the most highly respected activists of the Left Coast… His own poetry, a generation of works, is here warmly presented in the context of a maturation of tone and voice that is quietly remarkable--and very much like himself. Ross is a fusion of a lyric realism and the power of metaphor. His voice isn't of the plosive kind. He writes an organic lyric, resisting any attempt on the part of the "Poet" in himself to overcome himself by a kind of verbal oblivion. His poems are expressions of his determination that friendship triumphs through beautiful communications that make one feel solidarity without feeling one's being indoctrinated or recruited.”
Jack Hirschman
Poet Laureate of San Francisco
from the introduction to the English edition.

Translations from Silence is a powerful and evocative journey through the belly of the Beast and beyond, led by a wise and love-scarred traveler whose eyes and heart have been burned open, as were this reader's through the course of her journey.”
Elizabeth Claman

“Between the plastic instant of William Carlos Williams and the sumptuous melancholy of Eliot, in an experiential flow or in epigrammatic instants, sometimes a voyage, sometimes a chronicle of observation, and sometimes brief, ironic fiction: fluid and insistent, or concise and self-contained like snapshots or cartoons, from the embraced idea to the material, all this is taken up in the language of Clifton Ross's poetry.”
Juan Antonio Calzadilla Arreaza
from the introduction to the Spanish translation published in Venezuela

ISBN 13: 978-0-915117-18-5

Book Design: Ben Jesse Clarke
Cover Illustration: Diego Marcial Rios
U.S. $15.95

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About Clifton Ross

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Some Information

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Clifton Ross is a free lance writer and videographer who has been reporting on Latin America for over 25 years.He has edited many anthologies including: A Dream Made of Stars: A Bilingual Anthology of Nicaraguan Poetry and Voice of Fire: Communiques and Interviews of the Zapatista National Liberation Army. He is the translator of Quetzalcoatl by Ernesto Cardenal and author of When Good Dogs Have Bad Dreams: Four American Poets.

Fables for an Open Field has just been released in Spanish by La Casa Tomada of Venezuela. His forthcoming book of poems in translation, Traduciendo el Silencio, will be published later this year by Venezuela's Ministry of Culture editorial, Perro y Rana.

In 2005 Clifton represented the U.S. along with Genny Lim in Venezuela's World Poetry Festival.

Ross currently teaches English at Berkeley City College, Berkeley, California. He can be reached at .