Fractured Utopias: A Personal Odyssey with History

Roger Burbach
Provocative, sad, sexual and compelling—Fractured Utopias is Roger Burbach’s parting gift to the left movements of the Americas and the causes he served for over a half-century. Beginning with his farm upbringing in Wisconsin in the 1950s, Roger portrays his personal encounters with romance, revolution and war in North and South America. Detailed recollections of his time as a Peace Corp volunteer in the Peruvian Andes in the 60s, his first hand reporting of the coup that overthrew Salvador Allende in Chile, and his insider knowledge of the Sandinista Revolution provide vivid testimony on the victories and defeats of Latin American struggles for social justice.

In this revealing memoir, Roger brings the unflinching honesty he applied to his political work to bear on his personal passions and paradoxes as a husband, father and amorist. An award-winning author and editor of many books on Latin American social movements, US imperialism, 21st century socialism and globalization, Roger finished this manuscript just weeks before his death in March of 2015.

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