Zapatista National Liberation Army--EZLN


Some Information
Much of the information from the Zapatistas has come through Subcomandante Marcos, their highly visible, but masked spokesperson. He is author of most of the communiqués from the Revolutionary Clandestine Indigenous Committee (CCRI) and of "Two Winds, A Storm and a Prophecy" which introduces the reader to the social and economic history of Chiapas. His analytic, caustic, poetic and sometimes humorous style has been an important element in the widespread press attention the Zapatistas have received. Subcomandante Marcos is thought to be the military strategist of the EZLN but has insisted repeatedly that he is subject to the orders of the CCRI and is not the caudillo (authoritarian leader) of the Zapatistas. Throughout the Zapatista documents there is a heavy emphasis on collectivism and what they call anti-caudillismo: resisting cults of personality and authoritarian power, as well as demanding accountability to the base. According to Subcomandante Marcos: "Our leadership is collective...They call this ski mask `Marcos' here, today, and tomorrow they'll call it `Pedro' in Margaritas or `Joshua' in Ocosingo or `Alfred' in Altamirano." {Interview, January 1, 1994} Read the introduction to Voice of Fire


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