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September 11 and the U.S.War
Beyond the Curtain of Smoke

Edited By Roger Burbach and Ben Clarke

Published by City Lights and Freedom Voices

Essays providing the essential information needed to understand the origins and consequences of the September 11 attacks, US policies in the Middle East and Southwest Asia and strategies for organizing resistance to the U.S. war.

Eduardo Galeano says of the events of September 11 "The smoke of the explosions forms part of the much larger curtain of smoke that prevents all of us from seeing clearly." With this anthology we present the insights and understandings of over two dozen authors who can see beyond the curtain of smoke and who have chosen the path of dissent from the bellicose actions of the U.S. government. We seek to provide the reader with an intellectual basis for a vigorous, passionate and creative resistance to the horrendous policies and practices now undertaken in the name of the "war on terrorism."

ISBN: 0-87286-404-9
price: $11.95
pages: 176

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Tariq Ali
David Bacon
Paul Bass
Frances M. Beal
Walden Bello
Wendell Berry
Roger Burbach
Linda Burnham
Michel Chossudovsky
Ben Clarke
Jeff Cohen
Robert Fisk
Eduardo Galeano
Baltasar Garzon
Susan George
Zoltan Grossman
Conn Hallinan
Marc W. Herold
Barbara Kingsolver
Michael Klare
Barbara Lee
Martin A. Lee
Aurora Levins Morales
Manning Marable
Asra Q. Nomani
Michael Parenti
Margot Pepper
David Potorti
Ted Rall
Michael Ratner
Arundhati Roy
Norman Solomon
John Tirman
Dimitris Yannopoulos
Howard Zinn
Stephen Zunes

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