About Freedom Voices

Freedom Voices publishes works that speak to or from communities on the margins. Founded in 1989 in San Francisco’s Tenderloin District the press has grown from its origins as a community publisher to include works from around the globe. FV works closely with the TallMountain Circle which produces, promotes and distributes Mary TallMountain’s literary works… Continue reading About Freedom Voices

About the TallMountain Circle

Mary TallMountain was a woman of generous spirit who helped and encouraged many colleagues and struggling writers of all ages and backgrounds. She wished to carry on that spirit of generosity after her death. According to TallMountain’s will, the proceeds from her published works will go to benefit low-income writers, particularly Native Americans and writers… Continue reading About the TallMountain Circle

Until We Are Strong Together: Women Writers in the Tenderloin

Caroline E. Heller PROLOGUE IT TURNED INTO SOMETHING TRUE TO YOU I lived an ordinary life among down-to-earth routines. And yet I felt two things very strongly: I felt, however ordinary those routines, that I stood at the Iyric center of my experience, and that I wished to make a visionary claim for that experience.… Continue reading Until We Are Strong Together: Women Writers in the Tenderloin

Not by Bread Alone

By Jess Clarke A Perspective on the Tenderloin Reflection Education Center In 1981, a group of activists associated with the Franciscan peace and justice movement came together in San Francisco’s Tenderloin to create a reflection and education center that would “take into account the perspectives of the underside of history, the experiences and struggles of… Continue reading Not by Bread Alone

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About the Tenderloin Reflection and Education Center

TREC was established in 1982 as a center for creative arts and reflective thought to empower homeless and economically disenfranchised people. The program operated under the umbrella of the St. Anthony Foundation until it spun off and was established as a separate non-profit in 1990. TREC uses the arts to help transform participants’ lives, to… Continue reading About the Tenderloin Reflection and Education Center

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